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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2017|01:28 am]
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"And for that, we are eternally grateful." "I know I am.." [May. 25th, 2017|12:12 am]
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so earlier on I was thinking about the bit in "Bonnie and Neddy" where Finn thinks that "Apple Wedding" was Jake/Lady's wedding ("As such, you may no longer own property or operate children, and must render all treasure and wives unto your sworn princess, within a hangman's fortnight." "Pfft, jokes on you, man! We spent all our treasure th'other day! Plus, don't even have any wives." "Wait, what? What about Lady?" "Lady's my girlfriend." "Wait, but.." "That was Tree Trunks." "Oh yeah!"), and like, that's already hilarious, but it's even funnier if you really think about it.

Like, "Apple Wedding" is midway through season 5.2 and "Bonnie and Neddy" is at the beginning of season 7; idk how much time passes between the two eps but it's probably been a good few months at least, if not a whole year.. so apparently Finn thought Jake and Lady were married for at least a few months. XD Oh, Finn. I mean, it makes sense why he was confused, he spent all/most of the wedding running around after LSP, after all..

but like, it's even funnier when you realize that while they're having this convo, they're totally ignoring King of Ooo and Toronto. Like, they're RIGHT THERE and they're just ignoring them. XDDD I'm just picturing KOO standing there patiently waiting for them to finish.. like, he's a dick but he's not rude, he's not gonna interrupt them.. XDDD it's even more noticeable that they ignore Toronto in that bit since he's right in front of them:

XD he's just staring at them for the whole convo like "hey.. hey what're you guys talking about.. can I get in on the convo.. c'mon guys.." XDDDD and then when they're done KOO's all "OKAY WELL ANYWAY..." hahahaha. pfffff I love this ep XD I mean I'd already noticed before that Finn and Jake pretty much ignore Toronto in this ep (except for when he's knighting them), but I hadn't really noticed it in this bit, haha. No wonder Toronto stares at KOO so much, he's the only one who actually acknowledges his existence XDDD not that I'm knocking on Finn and Jake here, I think it's hilarious..

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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Like no other [May. 24th, 2017|11:51 am]
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So I'm still trying to complete my Best Friends Babies MLP set, right. So that's hard enough to begin with since they weren't sold everywhere, they're from the end of the line, etc. They're three baby ponies who came with little pets. I've got all of the ponies and 2/3 of the pets, just need Billie's Bunny now. (yup, his name's Bunny, gold star for creativity there, Hasbro) So that's frustrating enough to look for, since he's rare and tiny and hard to find.

But friggin' Angel friggin' Bunny from FiM makes looking for this bunny SO MUCH HARDER!! I put "my little pony bunny" into eBay and just get result after result for stuff with Angel on it and not one bunny. Arghhh, it's so annoying.

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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The greatness, wonderfulness and perfection [May. 23rd, 2017|11:24 pm]
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so yesterday we nipped into town and I bought that new really cute tiny Eevee keyring plushie from GAME (IT'S SO CUTE AAAA). We got back into the car and I leaned over to show it to my dad and he was all "oh! Is it Hamtaro?".

...he... he tried... XD

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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Go see the world cause it's all so brand new [May. 22nd, 2017|07:59 pm]
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Last night me and my mum had like a 5 minute argument over the definition of the word "lingerie" and I feel like that really sums up our relationship.

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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Good manners and sobriety [May. 22nd, 2017|02:18 am]
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I'm bored so here's a list of stuff I want to happen in Adventure Time before it ends.

(Note: this isn't a "what I think WILL happen in AT before it ends" list, this is an all-out, "not even trying to be realistic with my hopes" list :P For fun!)

(I know Toronto showed up at the end of Elements and you have no idea how thrilled I was at that, but I'm still holding out for another speaking appearance!)
- Seriously it could just be like a minute and I'd still love it
- adding onto the last one: King of Ooo and Toronto reunite (please..)
- More Rainicorn pup eps.. at least one more for Jake Jr and Charlie, please? Charlie got the least screentime since she was the last one to have a VA cast for her, and Jake Jr hasn't really done anything in ages either (last time she spoke was in "Ocarina" I think, and we're still not sure what she's doing/where she's living atm - if she's still a thief or not, etc).
- Bronwyn shows up again (I doubt this one'll happen though, and if it doesn't.. I'm just glad Bronwyn got one episode, you know? I can be happy if she doesn't get another one, hell I didn't even think she'd get ONE ep until "Wheels" was teased on that one podcast interview, so hey!)
- we get to see more Kim Kil Whan/Pat stuff, or Pat at least gets another cameo
- Something showing that the pups are bilingual (doubt this one'll happen because of logistics - I don't know if any of their VAs can speak Korean but I'm guessing not, and it'd probably be too hard to teach them how to speak Korean when their chars speak English just fine, if that makes sense. It'd be cool if they could get this across somehow though, maybe just one or two simpler words? Like how they spoke a little bit of Korean in "Jake the Dad". Even if it was just word of god that'd be nice, hahaha.)
- Pups reacting to Jake's new appearance
- Bronwyn meeting her aunts and uncle (prefs all of them but I'd take just one of them or something too)
- Explanation of where the hell Charlie was living in "Islands" and what's going on with her (she looked like she was having a rough time, I hope she's okay.. I mean last time we saw her she was living in a pyramid the other side of the world, so.. ????)
- Explanation/clarification of what's going on with TV - he showed up at the end of "Elements" too - why was he back in Ooo? Is he still living with his grandparents and he was just visiting and got caught up in the elemental stuff by accident? Did they kick him out? etc etc
- I've been dying for Bob and Ethel to meet their grandkids on-screen ever since the pups were born but ehhh I can be happy with the 2 seconds we get at the end of "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension", heh. That's more than I ever thought we'd get :B omg but imagine them meeting Bronwyn.. omg.....
- Bronwyn and Lady interaction pls
- Grand Prix and Moniker show up again, even if it's just a cameo (again, doubt this'll happen but it'd be nice)
- elemental designs for the pups and King of Ooo and Toronto (hahahaha this wouldn't happen but you know :P)
- the pups have a beautiful show-stopping song and it's amazing
- TORONTO SINGS hahahahahahaha (this one is a joke, yes. well, mostly. I mean it'd be great but I doubt it'd happen, I mean even setting aside the whole "incredibly minor character" thing - he barely speaks, why would he sing. XD)
- some sort of clarification on what Toronto usually calls King of Ooo. He's only used his name twice, both times in "Gold Stars" (he only has four lines after "Gold Stars" anyway..) and he uses a different one both times, in very different contexts. (I've probably rambled on about this before but w/e.) It makes sense that he'd call him "King of Ooo" around Sweet P ("hey, King of Ooo!") since he's a mark, duh, of course he'd call him by his ~*full title*~, they want people to respect KOO and all. But then later on when they're alone together and just chatting casually to one another, he calls him K.O. ("I dunno, K.O., they've gone rancid.."). And King of Ooo doesn't comment on this at all, he just goes along with it, whereas in "Mama Said", he picks Jake up on him calling him "KOO". ("Hey KOO!" "What?" "I mean, King of Ooo!" "...Princess King of Ooo.") And I've always read that as KOO reminding him "hey, yeah, I'm your princess, you WORK for me, you answer to me, you do NOT talk to me like that, I'm not your friend, you use my TITLE and show respect to me!", because unless I'm mistaken that's the ONLY scene where he insists on being called "Princess King of Ooo" (hmm.. altho now I think about it, they don't ever call him "King of Ooo" directly to his face in any other scene, right? Hm. Well anyway, still works, since he's insistently pointing out his title). But he seems okay with Toronto calling him a nickname (which can be read a few different ways, hehe, but that's not what I'm getting at here).. so maybe it's a regular nickname that Toronto uses when they're not "working"... but maybe not and it's just a one-off thing for that scene? I don't want to just assume things but it's hard to know for sure either way :s The only other thing that has Toronto call his name is "President Bubblegum" (where he calls him "boss" while talking to him and "King of Ooo" when he's talking about him, which makes sense), but that isn't canon, so.. gah. WELL IF THEY DO SHOW UP AGAIN IT'D BE NICE TO KNOW WHAT TORONTO CALLS KOO, THAT'S THE TL;DR VERSION christ this is such a nerdy and nitpicky thing to ramble on about
- TV shows up again :P (again - don't think it'll happen and I'd be happy enough if he didn't since I feel like "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension" is a satisfying enough end to his story, if that makes sense.. or it was, now he's apparently back in Ooo again, so.. blargh XD you know what I mean)
- More Joshua and Margaret eps plz
- some kind of acknowledgement of Flame Prince being raised by fire lions (assuming the Fionna and Cake comics are canon to the show, which I'm still not sure if they are or not, they've been a bit vague about that one. Atm I'm assuming they're at least half-canonical, since they did use some stuff from them in the show, but it'd be nice to know for certain..)
- Susan and Frieda come back, Susan reunites with Sally and Celina (I was kind of low-key upset that they didn't get mentioned at all in "Islands" D: they were Susan's gal pals and they they just got thrown under the bus when Frieda came into it.. both by the show AND by the fandom ^^;;), maybe they all run off together to become a cool four-woman adventuring team or something, idk
- Might be cool if Samantha (from "The Pit") came back, I mean I'm not exactly crying myself to sleep over her being a one-off char but she was pretty cool, so, you know
- Monochromicorn comes back and does ANYTHING, PLEASE, COME ON GUYS, HE WASN'T EVEN IN THE COMICS... D: I get the feeling they sort of wrote themselves into a corner with him, since he speaks Morse code and it's.. probably hard to write dialogue in Morse code (I know there's translators for it but still) and yeah, but come on, even a non-speaking cameo (not that he speaks ANYWAY, but you know) would be nice.. just some sort of acknowledgement that he still exists, even...
- Bronwyn's fox dude pal comes back and gets a name (:P)

uhhh... that's all I can think of atm. This was fun to write, hehehe. Totally unrealistic hopes for most of these XD but still terribly fun.

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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That's where we're gonna be [May. 21st, 2017|12:21 am]
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Posted this on Reddit (I don't really 'do' Reddit but sometimes I look in on it and I thought this was an interesting thread, so yeah), figured I might as well post it here too. My favourite and least favourite AT eps per season. And lots of rambling, of course ;) I went with the original season order instead of the stupid new order CN have put in place recently, I trust the crew's word over CN's. I wish they'd stop screwing about with the seasons of their shows -_- I STILL have no idea what season WBB or SU are on.

Under a cut since it ended up pretty longCollapse )

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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Yes, very good, it IS a mushroom!! [May. 20th, 2017|05:12 pm]
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I've done these before, but w/e, here are some Monster High survey quiz type things. Why not. I feel like doing them again so yeah.

1. How many Monster High dolls do you have?
uhhh.. oh boy... somewhere around 200 probably. Not sure how to count CAMs that I haven't put together yet (like my unicorn/Mystical CAM - been daydreaming about what to do with her lately but don't have the money to do anything yet), or stuff like that.

2. Do you display them or play with them?
In theory, display, in practice, most of 'em are still in boxes and bags waiting to be displayed.. -sigh-

3. How long have you been collecting for?
Aw geez, I have no idea. Let's see. 31st August, 2012. Jesus.

4. What was your first MH doll?
Sig Meowlody and Purrsephone

5. What is the most recent one you've bought?
Silvi Timberwolf, that was ages ago tho. Man looking at my spreadsheet for these is really bringing home how long it's been since I've gotten a MH doll :(

6. Who is your favourite ghoul?
Catrine DeMew, tho Toralei is a close second

7. Who is your favourite guy?
not really into the guys, but Clawd and Hoodude are cool.. oh and Neighthan

8. Do you collect any other brand of dolls? (or other things lol)
(In no particular order) Ojamajo Doremi merch, Petworks anthro dolls, Ever After High, Pinkie Cooper, Novi Stars, Equestria Girls, misc anime and anthro dolls, Catwalk Kitties, My Little Ponies, Sylvanian Families, YooHoo and Friends (on and off, mostly 'off' lately), Aristocats merch (on and off), Tsum Tsums, Littlest Pet Shop (G2/G3), broken headphones, midis of the Evangelion theme, probably some other stuff that I forgot...

9. What is your favourite doll that you own?
in general, probably Poppu Harukaze (Ojamajo Doremi), MH specifically.. uhh.. man idk, don't make me choose.

10. Who are you most excited to be released?
Garden Ghouls Toralei (or Garden of Frights, whatever it's called), really want the donut Catrine to come out over here already too

11. Do you buy the playsets and accessories or just the dolls?
I have some of the playsets, but mostly I try and stay away from them since I don't have th space

12. What is your favourite line (ex. roller maze, 13 wishes, sweet 1600) ?
ehhh I dunno. Don't think I really have one.

13. How long can you see yourself collecting for?
as long as my interest in them holds. My interest in them is waning frantically with the reboot.. But I have a feeling they're not gonna last much longer anyway, tbh.

And here's another one.

1. Favorite (Ghoul) Doll
can't pick favourites

2. Favorite (Boy) Doll
probably Neighthan since I LOVE that he's a boy with long hair. I love that. I don't like boy dolls really since most of them are too buff and short-haired (or they have plastic hair, ick) and bleh. Neighthan's a bit different, I like that.

3. Favorite (G) Character

4. Favorite (B) Character
Don't really have any particular thoughts on their characters but Neighthan, Hoodude and Clawd are the only dudes I really care about, the others I can go either way on really

5. Favorite Collection
again, don't really have one I don't think

6. Favorite Pet

7. Favorite SDCC Exclusive
Scarah and Hoodude (who are also the only ones I have, haha)

8. Favorite CAM Set
Werecat, of course :P

9. Favorite Basic Doll
Catriiiiiiine altho I do really love sig Clawdeen, too. There's just something about her..

10. Doll You Regret Never Getting
Hm, dunno if I really have one.

11. Favorite Playset
Clawdeen's bunk beds! So cool.

12. Favorite Place to go Doll Hunting
Anywhere I can get to XD

13. Most Expensive Doll in Your Collection
SDCC Scarah and Hoodude, who were a Christmas present from my auntie.

14. Favorite Doll from These Collections (Basics, Dawn of the Dance, Scaris, 13 Wishes, GNO, DDG, Music Festival, Scarily Ever After, Picture Day, and Power Ghouls)
aw geez...
Sig: I think I've covered this already
DotD: Clawdeen
Scaris: CATRIIIIINE but if we're not counting her, Jinafire. Wait she's technically still a sig.. uhh.. man idk. Clawdeen or Rochelle probably. I liked most of the Scaris dolls, idk.
13 Wishes: Howleen
Ghoul's Night Out: Rochelle maybe? Clawdeen and Ghoulia were cool too.
Dot Dead Gorgeous: Wasn't really into this line, uhhh Ghoulia was pretty nice I guess.
MF: Clawdeen (Clawd and 'Laura were cute too tho)
SEA: Clawdeen, I'm always a sucker for Little Red themes (and for Clawdeen)
Picture Day: N/A, wasn't really into these
PG: Toralei/Cat Tastrophe, of course ^_~ Wonder Wolf is my second fave.

could prolly add the other lines that have come out since but ehhh I cbf to, sorry

15. Most Wanted Doll
Garden Toralei, donut Catrine, all the MH minis I'm missing (goddamn it when will any of them past series 1 be released over here??? Literally ONE shop carries them in my area, and "in my area" is actually incorrect since that shop is still like 30-40 mins away, but you know), Pawla Wolf, interested to see the pixie bug things.. shit I forget what they're called, uhhh the set with the bee girl (Beeanca?), that one. They're... all I'm interested in from the upcoming stuff, lol.

16. Craziest Doll Hunting Experience
the time we had to fight Tesco to get them to sell a NS Catty that was on clearance for £4 for her. For some reason she wouldn't go through the register and they tried to take her away. My dad sorted it out ^^ and now she's safe with us. Heh, we had quite a hunt for sig Toralei as well, ended up having to get her off eBay (I JUST missed her in the shops I think >_<).
Hunting for the Catrine vinyl was an... experience, too. She was only released in Mexico and on Amazon Canada (and possibly Australia? not too sure about that) and Amazon.ca wouldn't ship to us, so when she FINALLY went up on there we had to get her shipped to relatives there and they sent her on for us. But I have her at last <3 Ohhh man, and completing my collection of the capsule machine purses was fun too, but I won't even get into that one XD

17. Doll You Want to See in the Future
anything that isn't an ugly Reboot doll, tho like I said before I really don't think MH'll be going for too much longer anyway, so moot point really

18. Favorite CANON Couple
umm.. uhhh.... errrrr.... is Neighthan/Avea canon??

19. Favorite Personal Ship

20. A Monster You Would like to See in the Future
more cats uhh maybe a Kitsune. A selkie would be cool too, not sure how they'd do it though. Ohhhh and what about a bakeneko/nekomata? That'd be awesome.

21. Doll You Regret Buying
hmm can't think of any in particular, there's probably one or two impulse buys that I might not have gone for later tho.

22. Any other dolls you collect?
already covered this above :B

23. Favorite Ever After High character
Kitty Cheshire. Her, Bunny and Cerise are the only EAH chars I care about, haha, the others do absolutely nothing for me.

24. Favorite Ever After High Doll
WTW Kitty Cheshire

25. What Monster High means to you
idk it's fun to collect and I like fun. That's about it, really.

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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100 truths meme thing [May. 20th, 2017|04:53 pm]
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I'm bored, so have one of these meme thingers.

1.) Real Name: [redacted]
2.) Nicknames: Mew, MewMew, Carrehz, Carrie, Lynx, Natty, Nat
3.) Zodiac Sign: Leo
4.) Male or Female: Female
5.) Elementary School: Yes
6.) Middle School: Don't have 'em over here, we just go straight from primary (or infant/junior school which is just like.. primary but split in half) to high school
7.) High school: Homeschooled
8.) Hair color: Dark brown
9.) Long or Short: loooooong it's past my waist now, hehe
10.) Loud or Quiet: ehhh it depends who I'm with and what the context is, sort of in between probably
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Jeaaaaans
12.) Phone or Camera: like.. for what? In general or specifically for taking photos? I'll assume it's the second. Camera in general, but phone if I'm out or if I just need to snap a quick pic and it doesn't matter if it's bad quality.
13.) Health Freak: rofl no
14.) Drink or Smoke: Neither!
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Heh, no.
16.) Sexual Preference: I'm asexual~
17.) Piercings: None!
18.) Tattoos: Also none!

19.) Airplane: When I was a kid, I can't really remember it tho. Honestly I remember being in the airport more clearly than I remember the plane itself (and even then my memories are fuzzy).
20.) Car Accident: No
21.) Fist Fight: Not really, no

22.) First Piercing: N/A
23.) First Best Friend: a girl from school
24.) First Instrument played: uhhhhh idk, guitar maybe. Either that or recorder I guess.
25.) First Award: I dunno
26.) First Crush: idk some dude at school probably
27.) First Language: Englishhh
28.) First Big Vacation: Disneyland Paris~

29.) Last Person you talked to: My mum
30.) Last Person You Texted: either myself or my mum (I text notes to my old flip-phone to remind myself of stuff sometimes)
31.) Last Person You Watched: n/a
32.) Last Food You Ate: A Twirl
33.) Last Movie You Watched: uhhhh Cats Don't Dance, I believe
34.) Last Song You Listened To: Natsu no Mahou - Motto Ojamajo Doremi, listening to Mario's Tropical Paradise - Dr. Fruitcake (OC Remix) atm tho
35.) Last Thing You Bought: Adventure Time Comics #11
36.) Last Person You Hugged: My mum

37.) Food: idk
38.) Drink: Hot lemon and honey
39.) Clothing: ..Cl..othes...???? IDK I JUST WEAR WHATEVER REALLY
40.) Book: idk Harry Potter?? man idk. I'm bad at these.
41.) Color: all of them, pink if I had to choose just one
42.) Flower: Roses maybe, I dunno. I like flowers but I don't know if I really have a favourite.
44.) Movie: Whisper of the Heart
45.) Tv show: lots, but Adventure Time is prolly my current fave (i.e. out of shows that are still going, I mean)
46.) Subject: luuuuunch

47.) [ ] Acted crazy in school
48.) [ ] Celebrated New Years (I hate New Years so I don't really... celebrate it?? idk what counts as celebrating it really, haha)
49.) [ ] I got majorly bullied
50.) [ ] I broke an arm/leg
51.) [x] My dog(s) / My cat(s) / Other pet(s) died
52.) [ ] Got a crossbow for hunting (haha what?)
53.) [ ] Cried myself to sleep about bullies (wow this got sad quickly)
54.) [ ] Saw the police
55.) [x] Done something you've Regretted
56.) [x] Broke a Promise (probably, sigh)
57.) [x] Kept a Secret (probably?)
58.) [x] Pretended To Be Happy
59.) [ ] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60.) [ ] Puked first day of school
61.) [ ] Stayed locked in your room
62.) [ ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63.) [x] Cried Over The Silliest Things (oh, always)
64.) [ ] Ran the mile
65.) [x] Died inside
66.) [ ] Fainted

67.) Eating: Nothing
68.) Drinking: Also nothing
69.) Getting Ready To: idk maybe clear some tabs off my phone browser or something
70.) Listening/watching: Mario's Tropical Paradise - Dr. Fruitcake (OC Remix)
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: today - look into getting a box for the stuff I bought for my partner in the swap I'm in, tomorrow - idk maybe record some stuff or.. something... idk I'm not a planner type usually. Oh yeah, the fair's in town, we'll prolly do that.
72.) Waiting For: this quiz to end? heh

73.) Want Kids: Nooooo thank you.
74.) Want To Get Married: Nah.
75.) Careers in mind: IDK MAN

76.) Lips or Eyes: christ here's the Obligatory Romance Section, here it goes
77.) Shorter or Taller: blah
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: Fluffwaffles
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: EYEBALLS
80.) Sensitive or Loud: aojtaojtltsgd
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: well obviously I'm not into hooking up, so... :p Not really interested in dating either, though.
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: OH THANK GOD IT'S OVER

83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: Don't wear glasses, so no
84.) Ran Away From Home: Yes, but I came back
85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: idk
86.) Killed Somebody: haha no, of course not
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: man idk, how the hell would I know that. Can't really judge that for myself..
88.) Been Arrested: No! :B

90.) Yourself: ehhhh
91.) Miracles: I'm openminded, I guess?
92.) Love at First Sight: I dunno, maybe.
93.) Heaven: Yes
94.) Santa Claus: Yesss
96.) Magic: not... really, no

97.) Someone you wanna be with right now?: -shrug-
98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: ehhhhhh
100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five people: hahaha no

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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Just leave it, leave it [May. 19th, 2017|06:20 pm]
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Saw some scans of the new issue of Adventure Time Comics (#11) and I noticed that PB was in her outfit from "Apple Wedding" in one panel (I just saw the panel out of context, so) and I was all "oooohh Apple Wedding.. I need to see more of this....." so I went over to the comic shop to check it out. (Wish I'd known it was coming out this month, the shop's like an hour away and I was there on Tuesday, I would've held off on going until Wednesday if I'd known.. ah well ^^;) Didn't have anything else "Apple Wedding" related (didn't really expect it to, though) but the last story in it was about TV!!! So I HAD to get it. ^^ It's sooooo cute, really really cute story. Sorta bothers me that the last panel seemed to portray TV and Lady's relationship as the stereotypical "loser manchild whose mother is sick of dealing with him" (since "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension" showed that they're friendlier than that) but ehhh it was just one panel, w/e. It was cute and it was all about my favourite char, I really can't complain XD loved seeing him with a little raggedy beard, haha. Soooo cute. (so cute)

The other stories in it were alright, "Chef BMO" was probably my second favourite (loved the random floating Finn in one panel too as has been pointed out all over Tumblr XD I keep giggling whenever I see it), can't really remember what the first story was about tbh and the Bubbline story was alright (VERY cute art style, the story was just sort of generic Bubbline though but ehhh I get tired of Bubbline anyway so it wasn't really "for" me, you know? Loved the "dammit Marceline.." line though, haha), but let's be real I got this for the TV story <3 I like this Adventure Time Comics side-series from what I've seen of it, I hope it keeps going for a while. I don't really keep up with the comics but it's always nice to see more of my favourites ^_^

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)
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