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Right in front of me [Feb. 26th, 2017|09:52 pm]
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Okay, I THINK all of my old entries about Tsum Tsums should be tagged appropriately now. I may have missed one or two since you can only check so far back before you have to go day-by-day (if that makes sense..). But I think I got them all. Woo.

Also I keep forgetting to write about this, but Animaniacs is back on Sky On Demand! It went up a couple of weeks ago. Sadly it's the same eps that were up last time (ep 1 to.. 20? Whichever number "Hearts of Twilight" is), but still, it's nice to see it again ^^

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I don't wanna give it up, I don't wanna give it up [Feb. 26th, 2017|01:36 pm]
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fixed some tags; three that I'd typed by accident ("sims 2" instead of "the sims 2", etc) and then for some reason some of my old tags, that I'd already deleted on LJ prior to moving to DW, had re-appeared on DW. o_O So I fixed that up. Weird.

I really should go back and re-tag all my old Animaniacs/PaTB-related entries, but ehhhhhh.... it'll take SO LONG... I'll do it later.

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Even though we talk every day [Feb. 25th, 2017|06:11 pm]
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computer update: Won't get it back until Monday. I say "get it back"; it's actually a new comp, because the comp guy had no idea wtf was wrong with the one we took in (even though he sold it to us.. ~6 months ago... -____-). We got it back the other day and it technically worked, but the fan sounded fucking possessed or something, it just.. wasn't right. Turns out it was on a weird setting or.. something, so that's fixed now. It also wouldn't go on stand-by mode (the setting was greyed out??) so that's the current hold-up, for some reason he could fix the fan thing today but not the stand-by thing. Sigh. (Technically we could've gotten it back today and had the stand-by thing fixed later, I guess, but I'd rather have it in complete working order before I start moving things onto it, you know?)

So yeah, even when I do get it back at last, it'll still be a bit before I'm back completely, because I need to move stuff from my old hard drive, to this new one. And set the computer all up... again.... so yeah that'll prolly take a few days. SIGH. I really hate setting up computers, if it wasn't obvious, lmao. It wouldn't be nearly as annoying if I hadn't done this SIX FRIGGIN' MONTHS AGO, though.. like, the last time I did it, it was annoying, but also long overdue, so I could live with it, you know? It needed to be done. This time is just tiring. sigh. I miss my computer.

On the bright side, the new DVD player arrived today! I forget if I said this before or not but the old one kind of broke the other day. I say "kind of" since it was still showing *some* life and it can proooobably be fixed? But we've had it fixed before, so maybe it's not worth it. I dunno. Well we have this new one now, anyway, and if we do end up getting the other one fixed then one can be a backup, idk.

(Btw - we found out it wasn't working because it seems to have eaten a half-complete Adventure Time DVD I was recording.. I had taped around 15 episodes onto it, so around ~2.7 hours or something like that. Those might not be the exact numbers cause I don't have access to my list atm, it's on my computer, but yeah. GRR. I hung onto it in case it turns out to just be the DVD screwing about, but my hopes are not high -_- Friggin' technology.. why does it all have to break at once? @_@;)

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Oh, you know I know [Feb. 22nd, 2017|09:41 pm]
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computer update: Got it back today, but it's not working properly (too long to explain - it's a load of confusing shit and I don't really understand all of it and I'm having a hard time getting answers to my questions, that's the tl;dr version). HOPEFULLY it'll be fixed soon. I'm sick of this...

I bought a Jasper (Steven Universe) blind bag figure - one of the Pint Size Heroes figures - off eBay, and she arrived today. She's really cute. It's kinda weird that she doesn't have her gem, but I guess it'd look weird since it's where her nose would be, and these don't really have noses. So I can see why they left it out. I really like her, anyway.

Anyway, we went out today. (It was basically either "go out" or "stay home and work out wtf to do with the computer", we didn't have time for both, and I was ready to go out by that point, and also at the point where I wasn't really able to deal with the computer stuff anyway, so yeah) I got the last Animaniacs POP figure I needed, Dot. I was really worried, I thought they'd sold out of her.. Wakko and Yakko had been moved off to one of the shelves in the bottom corner, by the staff door (next to a bunch of Pearls, some glow-in-the-dark, some not, and some Marcelines), which I guess is where they put the "not new" ones. So I was hunting through them and thinking "aaaa why didn't I just get her the last time.." and I went to look at the other display of POPs and it wasn't there! D: But then as we walked back to look at the main display again, my mum noticed they'd moved the display that's usually in front of the desk, to a space opposite, and they had three Dots left after all. Woo! I got a good one. The others were pretty scuffed up (one had a pretty bad paint flaw on her face marking - I could've lived with it if she'd been the only one, but I'm glad I didn't have to - and the other one literally had flaws galore, she had a chunk of paint missing on her flower, her gloves, her nose, I think one of her feet had some chipped paint on it as well.. yeah) but mine is nice. ^^ So now I have a complete set, woo.

(They didn't have Pinky and/or The Brain; I haven't seen them there since December, when I bought Wakko. So they must have sold out very quickly, heh.)

So then I went upstairs and I was looking through the comics and such, flipping through the AT comics like "ohh I think I've already seen this one.. yeah.. yeah, already seen it.." - I don't really keep up with them, but I do usually flip through them if I see them, in case there's anything interesting in them. (I'm only really interested if the AT comics if they're canon, like the Islands graphic novel was, or if they involve my favourites, like President Bubblegum did :B) So then I moved on and I noticed AT volume 11 was out (it looked sorta interesting, but not enough for me to want to buy it, if that makes sense), flipped through it a bit, then I noticed they also had the new graphic novel.. I think it's called Brain Robbers? Something like that. I don't feel like looking it up. So I thought "ehhhh might as well flip through it while I'm here", did so, noticed it involved Sweet P and that made me keep flipping through it, since it looked kind of Gold Stars-ish. (Gotta say - I was only skimming, so maybe it made more sense in context, but Sweet P looked REALLY OOC in this. Like, he was all demon-y and pissed off in a lot of the panels I saw, instead of being a cute, sweet kid who just happens to have the Lich inside him. I mean, I could be wrong, I know we don't know a lot about how Sweet P and The Lich's connection or w/e works, but "Gold Stars" seemed to imply that the Lich taking over wasn't a regular thing, like how it seemed to be presented as in this book. :/ But again, I was just skimming so maybe I just got the wrong end of the stick or something, who knows) So I was like "haha well maaaaaybe they'll actually reference Gold Stars, and/or King of Ooo and Toronto..". Because hope springs eternal. :P

Anyway, it paid off since Toronto DOES show up!! Only in one panel, though, and he doesn't *do* anything (I think it was in a fantasy sequence, it was hard to get the context from just one or two pages and I didn't want to be That Guy and read the whole book without paying for it, y'know?), but still! :D A cameo is a cameo! Didn't see King of Ooo anywhere, though :( but TV and Charlie appeared at the end, too!!! Hehe. They just sass at Jake for a bit and then leave, I love it. Again, idk the whole context, but it's great to see my favourites showing up, anyway :) I didn't get the book since I didn't like the look of the story (again, it looked very OOC, which like, you expect a bit of OOC-ness in the comics, but this looked distractingly so. Also I just.. didn't like the look of it, it didn't grab me. Also brains. :x It looked sort of squicky, if I'm honest) and it didn't seem worth it just for, like, two pages, heh. So I just snapped some photos of them with my phone instead. ^^ TV was wearing a cute little jacket, hehe.

Something that kinda bothered me, Charlie had her markings, even though she's not supposed to have them as an adult. I can kinda understand that, though, since they've never pointed it out in the show and she's always worn clothes as an adult (IIRC she was just wearing a jacket + boots or something like that in this book, I can't check atm), so you can't see them to begin with, so I can see why the artist assumed that she still had them, it's an easy mistake to make. They left off her freckles, too :( which is less understandable.. but w/e, I'm just glad she showed up at all, lmao. I wonder why they specifically picked those two to show up :o The other pups weren't there.

Anyway. Found two of the older Zelfs on clearance at the toy shop nearby, Howlette and Dandy Lion. I wasn't interested in them much before, but Dandy was £3.99 and Howlette was £5.99 (we thought she was £3.99 as well, actually, but we checked the receipt on the way home and it turns out she wasn't. Oh well), so what the hell. They're cute, so. They had this REALLY cute 101 Dalmatians plushie too, one of the girl puppies! I was tempted but I didn't get her in the end, maybe next time. It was nice to see, though, you don't normally see a lot of merch of the girls. Looking it up, I think it was Penny? So cute.

The best find of the day, though, had to be what I found at The Entertainer. I was looking at the LPS and they had the big playset with Kitery Banter, and I was like "ohhh I want her.. it's too bad she comes in such a big set, it's not worth paying that much just for one figure.." and then my mum said "it's reduced to £8.99". AND IT WAS!! I thought at first maybe it was referring to a smaller set, but we checked all the others and nope, it was definitely that one. Reduced from £39.99 to just £8.99!!!! I just can't believe it. :D Not sure what I'll do with the rest of the set, since I really only want Kitery, but it was too good a deal to pass up. WOO

speaking of reductions, they *still* have two of that wonky Regular Show mini-figure set (they've had them for years now, lol), and the price sticker says it's "£20.00, reduced from £20.00". Ooookay then.. XD

aaaaand that's about it! :B I dunno what else to write about, heh.

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Wear a glossed lip [Feb. 22nd, 2017|01:53 am]
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computer update: it was ready to pick up this afternoon but unfortunately we didn't find out until, like, 4:30 pm or something; my dad was out and couldn't get back in time (the guy's shop closes at 5 pm). So we couldn't pick it up today. Meh, I had a feeling *something* would go wrong and prevent it from coming home today, so I wasn't too bothered ^^; anyway, apparently the motherboard was fucked (idk how, or why it fucked up after only ~6 months; will hopefully find out tomorrow) so he had to move the hard drive into a new tower. Which is.... exciting.... probably means I'll have to set everything up again. Bleh. I'd just gotten everything all set up how I like it, too :( Like, I was just settling in and getting used to having a comp that wasn't broken and such. sighhh. Well as long as it works, I guess.

Spent today opening Pokemon cards; I had a lot that needed to be opened (bought over the last few months/weeks) and figured I might as well make an afternoon of it. ^^ Lots of fun. I wrote down the details for the hell of it, let's see.. I might have gotten some of the set names wrong, but you should get the idea.

(Again, these were bought over a few months, some were gifts, etc. They weren't all bought at once ^^;)

- Pokemon Sun and Moon Rockruff blister pack (1 booster pack + holo Rockruff card + useless Pikachu coin)
- Pokemon Sun and Moon Pikipek blister pack (1 booster pack + holo Pikipek card + useless Pikachu coin)
- Meloetta 20th anniversary box set (holo Meloetta card, Meloetta pin, 2 Generations booster packs)
- Pokemon Sun and Moon Litten blister pack (3 booster packs + holo Litten card + useless Pikachu coin)
- 2 Steam Siege booster packs, 1 XY Evolutions one (I got Generations and Evolutions mixed up somehow, otherwise I prolly wouldn't have bought this ^^; oh well. The Steam Siege ones I believe were bought just so I could get the 20th anniversary promo cards from GAME, which were free with purchase of any Pokemon-related item.)
- Pokemon XY Evolutions Braixen blister pack (3 booster packs + holo Braixen card + useless.. Genesect? pin? I think it's Genesect??)
- Meowth promo card from GAME (I couldn't find my Slowpoke card D: I ended up with two, so one'll turn up eventually, no doubt.)
- 2 Litten cards I bought off eBay (the holo cards from the Lunala/Solgaleo TCG boxes; we don't get the figures in the TCG boxes any more since they're apparently a safety hazard or something?? We get jumbo cards instead -_- And I didn't feel like paying ~£30 for the boxes since I didn't like the Lunala/Solgaleo cards enough to want giant versions of them, and I didn't want them enough to bother importing, so I just got the Litten cards by themselves, since they were the main thing I wanted anyway. I think the Lunala/Solgaleo TCG figures were the ones that we got as pre-order bonuses over here.. /ramble)

So that's.. lessee... 130 cards from the booster packs? Dang. And then 8 loose/holo/whatever you want to call 'em cards. I didn't write down exactly which ones I got or anything, but I ended up with 51 cards to keep, and.. my notes are coming out with 90 cards to trade but that adds up to 141 (149 if you count the holo cards) so that's not right. wtf. I must have screwed up somewhere when I was writing them down, cause idk where that extra 11 came from. (either that or I got more than 10 to a pack ^_~ nah, I'm kidding, I obviously screwed up somewhere) WELL THAT'S THE GIST OF IT, ANYWAY

I got some nice cards, the best has to be Generations SYLVEON-EX!! The half-card!! With Eevee and Sylveon and ribbons and sparkles and aaaaaaaaaa I loooove it. It's the last Sylveon card I needed :D Well, except for those new full art cards that haven't come out over here yet (I NEED THEM especially the rainbowy one, omg), and that one Japanese Battle Fiesta (?) Pikachu (?) card w/ Sylveon on it. But you know what I mean. It's so looovely *w* And I got a holo Alolan Meowth, a regular Alolan Persian, the other Litten card I was missing (have them all now ^^ I got an Incineroar too, but no Torracat D:).. some very nice cards ^^ It was fun to reorganize my binder again, although I'm starting to run out of room.. I need to get rid of some of these extras already ^^; I've had some of them for probably around 10 years now, haha. I should probably just look into selling them..

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With you right here next to me [Feb. 21st, 2017|01:28 am]
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Good news:
- Okay so I forget if I wrote about this before or not, but basically my brother gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and I ordered a Rockruff figure (it arrived the other day, super cute!! Now I have Cassia and Tarragon from my Moon team in figure form X3 and I guess Cosmic since I already have some Espeon figures, lol), a Pusheen blindbox plushie (was hoping for Stormy, got Pusheen eating a gingerbread man, which is still cute so I'm happy ^^ I would've been happy with any of them anyways, so), and Funko Trixie Lulamoon. Had my eye on Trixie for ages now, but I couldn't find her in shops (there was only one store that sold the big Funko ponies over here - AFAIK - and a) it's an hour away and b) I only ever saw one or two in there, RD and.. idk Dr Whooves or Derpy or one of the other early ones), never found her at Ponycon, and at first it was a "well I want to see her in person first", then it was a "well I want her but it's not the right time/there are other things I want more", etc etc. And since she's an older item, you can only really find her on eBay US, which wouldn't be a problem except that shipping costs from the US are (in general) fucking ridiculous atm because the economy's gone down the toilet. -cough- So anyway, I was like "okay, well you know what, I'm not gonna wait any longer, I'm gonna get her NOW with this gift card, this person's selling her for a reasonable price, I can juuust about manage it". Anyway, she arrived the other day (same day my comp screwed up, sigh) and it was actually Lyra.

Anyway, the good news is that today, the seller got back to us and said they'd refund us in full, AND we could keep Lyra instead of having to send her back!! Woohoo!!!! I do like Lyra so I'm happy with this ^^ Just need to find another Trixie, now..
- My mum went out today and I asked her if she could pick up the Rockruff TCG pack, she came back with that *and* the Pikipek TCG pack since she knew I'd been feeling down today. <3 I've got a lot of cards I need to open so I'm prolly gonna open them all tomorrow. Should be fun ^^

Bad news:
- Computer still hasn't been fixed, might be done tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful (but I'm cynical, so). Apparently the guy said he might need to get a new computer which is not comforting. At all. We just bought the goddamn thing from him and now he's saying it might need to be replaced... :/ But I'm working off what my mum said and she wasn't 100% sure of all the details (my dad was the one who talked to the guy on the phone and he is... not good at relaying info) so hopefully she just... understood it wrong, or something.. because yeah... -___- He DID say the hard drive was alright, though, so that's good.
- We got a new DVD player lasttttt.. Friday? It was the same day the comp fucked up. Let's see. Oh, Thursday. Well we bought it on Thursday and apparently they only just shipped it today. Kind of annoying.. but w/e, as long as it gets here eventually ^^;

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I'll give you ten good reasons to stay [Feb. 18th, 2017|08:46 pm]
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CATDOG POP FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I know I'm not a POP fan in general, but goddamn if this hasn't excited the hell out of me. :D I was just saying the other day how I really wanted something nice to be revealed soon from something I collect (like, in general, not necessarily at Toy Fair), how it felt like it'd been ages since there'd been something fun like that to get excited about, and then this happens. :D WOOOO

haha, I literally loaded up the page just for the hell of it, on the off-chance there'd be anything (since I'm not much of a Funko collector) and was like "oh hey, Rugrats, that's co- HOLY SHIT THAT'S CAT IN THE CORNER!!!!". I can spot my favourites a mile off ^^;;; I noticed in one of the other photos you can see the Animaniacs POPs in the background, wonder what that's about.. I guess they ARE still fairly new, maybe that's why they're there. Although looking at it again, they don't seem to have Yakko o_O weird.. I wonder who that is next to Dot.

but still!!! CATDOG!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaa <3333 I wonder if they'll make any of the other chars.. prolly not, but you know.. plus since they seem to be making POPs of all the 90s cartoons, maybe they'll make an Angry Beavers set next.. maybe they'd make Treeflower :O I shouldn't get my hopes up, I know, but.. Treeflower... ^^;; nah, I doubt they'll make her. It would be awesome, though.

also oh hey, Gravity Falls POPs. They don't do it for me, especially Bill.. WHY did they make his eye completely black. >_< This is what I hate about POPs, the soulless black eyes. It works for some chars (like, the Adventure Time POPs look alright with them, prolly cause they have black dot eyes to begin with), but on others it just looks weird and/or creepy. I don't get why they didn't just give him a pupil.. It's weird since they've given other chars different eyes in the past (like Jake and Cake from AT, they had no problem giving Cake her cat eyes..) and then they go and do shit like this. Just bizarre. (Speaking of, the new Steven Universe POPs they revealed a while ago had the same problem - most of them looked alright, but for some reason they gave Lion white eyes instead of black, or just, idk, the cat-eyes he has in the show itself, and he looked friggin' possessed o.O)

Needless to say, I won't be getting them ^^; tho in all fairness, Dipper isn't THAT bad, I guess, and Stan is alright, he just doesn't really look like Stan to me. He looks too... frail?? Maybe? I can't put my finger on it. Something about his face.. his eyes look too wide to me, somehow. He reminds me of something and I can't think what :x But yeah, he doesn't look bad, exactly, just doesn't look right for the character. At least, IMO.

..the CatDog POP is still terribly cute, though ^o^ Definitely gonna get them. Dammit Funko, stop trying to pull me in by making POPs of my favourites ^^; Man, I wonder if they got the markings on the back of Cat's head right.. that would be really awesome if they had.

uhhh in other Toy Fair news, I haven't really been keeping up since I haven't been able to find a lot of stuff (damned lack of computer - apparently it won't be fixed until Monday at the earliest. I REALLY hope it won't be too much later... but I don't want to rant about it atm), but the MLP stuff I've seen is.. disappointingly predictable. More main 6 with weird gimmicky markings/symbols, another generic castle playset, merponies that'll almost certainly be called "seaponies" (which pisses me the fuck off, DAMN IT if they have legs, they're friggin' merponies, sea ponies - TWO WORDS, PEOPLE - are SEAHORSES, thus, no legs. And yeah yeah, I know at least one of these G4 girls has fin-hoof things, but they're still attached to legs..)... well no, it is nice to have some variety there, I guess. Although they don't really interest me, but you know. Also more transparent/pearlies >_< and more plastic ponies.. too many molded manes.. too many molded manes in the world~ Oh and surprise surprise, no EQG dolls. :( Not that I'm surprised - I knew they had been replaced by the minis the moment we started getting less dolls and more minis (and when they changed the packaging on the minis so they just said "Equestria Girls" and not "Equestria Girls Minis" or w/e) - but it's still sad. I loved those dolls.

Only seen one promo image of the Enchantimals but they look more promising than they did before (prior to this my thoughts on them were "they could be alright but I'm not sure yet, I'm hopeful though", atm I'm more firmly into the "cautiously optimistic" frame of mind. If that makes sense). I LOVE the sheep girl (maybe cause you can't see her human ears ^^; I HATE it when kemonomimi/anthro dolls have human ears as well, it's just lazy. It's bad enough if they have a re-used headmold, but for these, when there's NO NEED for them to have human ears since they're ALL animal girls, it's just friggin' stupid. Especially if their ears/tails are a part of the sculpt and non-removable, like the EAH pixies were.), and the koala girl is very cute, too. The sheep girl would make a terribly cute little sister for my (still nameless ^^;) Hitszie.. I dunno, I think I like those two best cause they don't have the kind of vapid/brainless :D faces the others do ^^; I tend to like closed-mouth dolls best. I'm not 100% sold on them yet, but I like them better now that we've got better photos of them.

Haven't seen anything from MH yet (except one pic of the Dryad girl... Treesa?) and I've heard that there's nothing from EAH which I think pretty much confirms that they're done (as I expected), but we'll see.

....CatDog!!! :D

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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2017|10:03 pm]
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..I don't know how I feel about this.. [Feb. 16th, 2017|09:20 pm]
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so anyway, last night (i.e. before all the shit went down w/ my computer - I'm on a borrowed laptop atm, btw) I watched some more Harvey Beaks, specifically the ep "Mr and Mrs Borks" and god it was adorable. So adorable. It hasn't aired over here yet (I think cause it's a half-hour ep and HB is only airing in an 11-min slot over here atm), figured I might as well watch it online since I'm almost caught up (the other ones they haven't aired here yet are "Repo Fee"/"Stalemates", and then "Technoscare" and the Christmas ep since they're seasonal eps and all. I have seen the Xmas ep, will prolly watch the others in a bit, maybe). ughhhhh it was soooo cute.

Moff was Miriam and Irving's witness, awww ;___; And he has a surname! Williamson! That surprised me. I guess I didn't think he didn't have a surname but also I just never really thought about it before? -shrug- haha, but when Irving was all "you can be my best man, Harvey!" I thought "that's adorable, but Moff had better show up and throw a tantrum about it-" and then him and the rest of the Dad Squad (well I guess only Doctor Roberts is a dad, but you know..) showed up and I was like YES. hahaha. Man, I thought I'd dislike Moff since I don't like steampunk but now he's one of my favourites, how does that work.

I love how Fee totally has no understanding of how aging works or anything like that. XD "You were born at different times??" hahahaha.

Dade playing the saxophone = YES he was just amazing in general in this ep, haha. WELL, HE ALWAYS IS he's my favourite. Him and Claire. :3 I love them.

Oh yeah, I liked how Irving was freaking out at the beginning (about the typo on the wedding certificate) and Harvey was just all "umm wtf is going on", I thought he'd freak out about it as well, but no. That was a nice change of pace. :B

THE STRIPPER JOKE, OH MY GOD I can't BELIEVE they got away with that. Definitely one of my favourite jokes in the show XD Moff's reaction, jesus. And the whole "PICK A CARD :D :D" "NO >(" hahahaha. And Moff pushing that guy overboard. hahaha.

pretty much all of the concert scene was great but especially Bartleburt and Miriam's convo about his wife XD

Miriam's vows. ;____; GOD

and Technobear at the end ("YOU TAKE CARE OF HER ;__;" "????"), and MICHELLE WITH THE KNIFE and god this ep was great

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A post about my cats [Feb. 15th, 2017|08:00 pm]
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awww Ginny White just got hurt :( She was trying to hang around w/ Roxy (our older cat who is kind of antisocial nowadays and mostly just sits on the dresser and hangs out) and idk what happened for sure (I just heard the growling/angry cat noises) but I guess Roxy got pissed off and cuffed her nose, cause then I looked over and Ginny was hanging around all awkwardly, like cats do when they're not sure what to do, so I picked her up to relocate her and I noticed she had a little spot of blood on her nose. :( She was crying little cat tears when we wiped it off. Poor little baby. She seems alright now, though.

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