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And now it's time for us to end our song~ - Something Mewing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And now it's time for us to end our song~ [Feb. 9th, 2017|01:16 am]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

ohhh man, I just watched Harvey Beaks' "Steampunks" special and it was SO!! GOOD!!!!! Like, I'm not a fan of steampunk (tho I love how HB does it, just gently poking fun at how ridiculous it all is), but this was just. JUST SO GOOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I'm tired so I won't write a huge post about it or anything, haha, I want to go to bed. but ohhhh man I loved it! Definitely one of the best eps. :D I'm a sucker for musicals. And man, Moff is one of those chars where I didn't think I'd like him, but he's actually very sweet. And sort of relatable, haha. It was a v. interesting dynamic, the whole "you basically ruined my life and I can't get over it" thing :O Not the kind of thing you see on cartoons very often, haha. Or ever, really. I liked it! Also wow Moff is gay for Irving. I'D SHIP IT

the songs were really good, too!! I especially liked "Reject Town" :D It was so dark and yet SO CATCHY. Also I've always been a sucker for characters-living-on-the-streets kind of plots, idk why, but there you go. also Dade is soooo cute. SO CUTE

oh man I LOST IT at the "Never Gonna Give You Up" ref!! It came right out of nowhere but worked so well, hahaha, omg. That was great :D And just, aaaa, I love all the little in-jokes and how they got basically everyone in there, and it was just. JUST SO GOOD idk what else to say! The ending was very sweet, too. c: I'm prolly forgetting a ton of awesome stuff that happened in it, haha, but I really liked it! :D I think it's one of my favourites.

(For the record, it aired in four parts over here. I taped it off On Demand as well - that's the one I watched tonight - where it was put up in two parts but still had "to be continued" notices halfway through those parts? Like the TV airings did?? so idk what that was about.. but w/e, it doesn't really matter. -shrug- I'm pretty sure it was all in there, so. Also I've been taping them off the TV and off On Demand since NickToons insist on putting screenbugs for friggin' Alvin and the Chipmunks over the first minute or so of the ep for the TV airings and that really bothers me, lol. Dunno which versions I'll tape onto disc when I get round to it. Not that I CAN since the DVD player seems to be screwing up again and I think it might have eaten a disc I was just about ready to finalize.. but that's another rant for another day. ^^;;)

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)