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With the fairest forms and faces [Feb. 12th, 2017|07:53 pm]
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Just realized I never posted these here, so.. have some comparison photos of the various releases of the Aristocats Tsum Tsums, plus some bonus photos of my collection. Might as well put them here too, why not. -shrug-

Collection photos first! :B

First off, the wonderful Aristocats subscription box, a Christmas present from my mum. <3333 I LOVE how they made Berlioz AND Toulouse, they're always so underappreciated so it's great to see them getting some love for once <3 Plus I was hoping they'd make a Marie in this size. They're so amazing, I love them so much <3333333

Little pull-back Marie car that I found at The Entertainer, not sure which company made this off-hand (I really need to check..). Very very cute ^^

all of the sizes Marie has been released in so far :D Mini (from Clinton's - they actually got the first set of Tsum Tsums in before my local-ish Disney Store did o_O or at least I found them there first, anyway.. I dunno why her bow is such a different colour, maybe cause she's a Posh Paws Tsum and the others are DS? Or because she's from the first set, maybe they changed colours later? I dunno), small (subscription box), medium and large.

I loooove the large one!!!! She was my grail for SO LONG since up until recently she had only been released in Japan and she was *impossible* to find online, I'm so so SO happy that Disney Store decided to release her over here at last <3333 I love her. Normally I try to just stick to smaller plushies but I can never resist a Marie <33333 One day, if my main collection of Aristocats plushies ever gets straightened out (long story -_-), I'll have to take a photo of her with Giant Marie, who is a huuuuge plushie I've had for years and years (bigger than this Tsum!).

(I took this next set of photos before I got the new Toulouse and O'Malley - long story but the tl;dr version is that the store didn't have them and I had to buy them online - so that's why they're missing from these pics. In hindsight I should've waited until I had them to take these group photos, but w/e.)

Not all of my Tsum Tsums, just all of my Aristocats ones. (Except the two I mentioned above, like I said.)

(ignore the blur in the background, that's just small/mini Marie falling off the tower)

(The little kittens are a keyring, from Disney Store Japan; the smaller Marie on the opposite side is from The Entertainer. Her cheeks light up when you press her face! :B I'm not collecting all of the light-up/singing/whatever Tsums but I couldn't resist this one, since she's a nice, unique, in-between size.)

My first Tsum Tsum and still my favourite ^^

All of them are from either Disney Store UK or Japan (the Cat Day Tsums and the keyring) except for Mini Marie (Clinton's) and winking Marie (Disney Store US; I got impatient and bought her online before she was released over here ^^;). Oh, and the subscription box Tsums, of course.

The new chars. ^___^ I love them, I'm SO happy they made Scat Cat and his gang! (Even if they did leave two of them out >_<) They never get merch so it's great to see them show up for once :D Hit Cat (the one w/ glasses) is my favourite, hehe. Roquefort is cute too, though I prefer the cats. It was SO HARD to find him with a good face, all of the others in the shop had squashed-in faces and/or lopsided/misplaced noses o_O This was the best one they had.
At first I thought it was kind of silly for the cats to have their instruments printed on their sides, but now I kinda like it. I do wish they'd made the other two, though.. Peppo and Billy Boss. Maybe they'll make them later.. -crosses fingers-

Shun Gon hanging out with Si and Am. Ignore all my other plushies photobombing XD for the record, the others in the photo are Corona the Umbreon, Cadenza the Espurr (both Kuttari plushies), TV, one of those Secret Life of Pets (?) McDonalds toys (I think her name's Chloe? I dunno, I didn't watch the film and have no interest in it really either, I just liked her) aaaand they're sitting on top of Jake the Dog. Whiiich is unnecessary info but w/e, it's my journal, I can put what I want. XD

you can kinda see how his hair's attached here. It's interesting, I haven't seen this with other Tsums :o It looks like the hair is glued onto the little flaps of felt (?) there, I guess so it was the proper shape and such. Very cool IMO.

I don't remember why I took these.


the lighting on these isn't going to be 100% perfect since none of these were taken in natural lighting, but they're as good as I could get them.
(Also this should hopefully go without saying, but please don't repost these anywhere. This goes for the other photos, too. Again, I really doubt this would be a problem, but I'm paranoid nowadays, since image reposting is so common on Tumblr and whatnot -_-)


Japanese Cat Day ver (February 2016), subscription box winking ver (October 2016), new version (Jan 2017). (This is the order all of them are shown in unless I say otherwise)

JP has a white stomach for some reason, whereas the subscription/UK vers' stomachs are slightly different shades of grey. I think the subscription one is my favourite here.

I like the subscription box's tie the best. (Mostly because it's the only one that's actually correct XD I hate it when they give him a bow-tie.. I mean I'm used to it, it's a common mistake, but you know.)

The new one has a really stumpy little tail, for some reason o_O Also ignore the little red spot on the new one's back in that last photo, it's just a bit of fluff or something.

JP and UK ver have blush, subscription box ver does not. (JP's head tuft isn't really that light, it just got hit by the camera flash ^^;)


JP Cat Day ver, new release
(Again, sorry for the bad lighting for these - the flash kept washing her out since she's so light, so this was the best I could do :x)

collar colour is different (I like the new ver better), also the new one has a muzzle whereas the JP ver has a flat face. Honestly, I prefer the JP ver... the muzzle just looks weird. (Especially since none of the kittens have one.)

New ver has blush, JP ver does not. Again, the new one has a stumpy tail.. I really hate that. I can go either way on it with Berlioz (though I prefer the fluffier tails the JP and subscription box vers have) but c'mon, Duchess has a huge fluffy tail! What were they thinking >_<
I like the JP version better, though I am glad I've got both versions. I wasn't sure if I'd get the new versions of the chars who had already been released, but I'm glad I did, since they ARE different and all. Plus I can never have too many Aristocats plushies anyway XD especially of the non-Marie chars. (Don't get me wrong, I love Marie, but it's nice to see her family getting some attention for once ^^; merch of them is so scarce..)

These next two photos were taken a few days later, of course.. just for the record...


Again, JP Cat Day, subscription box, and Disney Store UK new ver. I love the subscription box ver's angry eyes ^^ tho I'm not sure why he's so much darker than the other two o_O though it is a closer colour to how he looks in the film than the other two, I think.

Like with Berlioz and Duchess, the new one has a weird stumpy tail. Ehhh.. I don't mind it so much with the boys but it does bother me for Duchess, like I said.

JP ver's tummy is yellower than the other two.

Their bow-ties are all pretty much the same.

Last but not least, Thomas O'Malley ^^

JP Cat Day version on left, Disney Store UK new ver on the right. For some reason the JP one has grey markings instead of white.. It's not a big deal, but I do wonder why they went with grey instead of white :o I guess they are sort of an in-between colour in the film. I just think it's interesting, don't mind me.

without flash, since I felt like it washed out their colours a bit. I like the flat-faced JP ver better, but I do like the UK one's collar more, I like the JP one but the UK one being bigger is more accurate to the original design ^^

hahaha, I hadn't noticed before that their tails bend different ways XD Awesome.

Not sure why the JP ver has a yellow stomach (it's white/grey in the film o_O) but I definitely prefer it to the UK ver, how did they miss his tummy marking?! @_@; Also I totally missed this before (I only noticed it now because I was looking at screenshots from the film), but neither of them have the correct paws. Only his front paws are white, the back ones should be orange. Though I can see how they made that mistake.

Again, the bow-ties are basically the same. I love how they both have them ^^

aaaaaa I love them all so much... SO MUCH... I'm so glad they were released in the UK/US so more people can have a chance to get them ^_^ I love Aristocats so much.

In non-Aristocats but still Tsum Tsum-related news.. huh, so what about that Clinton's "coming soon" list that someone found, then? Apparently Lion Guard is coming soon. (And Cars and some more Star Wars sets but who cares about those. haha. I'm surprised it took THIS LONG for them to make Cars, honestly. I guess they wanted to wait for Cars 3 to come out?) Man. I had idly wondered if they'd make Tsums for that series, but I didn't really think they *would*. :o Well, I'm up for it as long as they make Kiara. (Obviously I'd absolutely love the Outsiders as well but I know that's almost certainly never gonna happen, lmao) Not too interested in the other chars, tho I might get Kion if he looks alright. (I don't watch Lion Guard, I just like TLK.. for the record. Though the ep with the Outsiders was awesome :D I loved that) I'm trying not to get my hopes up for Kiara too much, heh, though I think she's got a good chance of being made.. a lot of the figure sets and such that I've seen for TLG have her included. I'd love a Tsum Tsum of her, that'd be soooo cute. Wouldn't say no to an adult Simba, either (or Nala, for that matter), but I feel like maybe he'd look too similar to Mufasa in this style, heh. (Semi-related, I keep mistaking *my* Mufasa Tsum for an adult Simba. I'm not used to them making Mufasa stuff! ^^; I think I've only got one other plushie of him, a tiny little McDonald's toy.)

Y'know, while I'm on the subject, I'm really glad that they kept Kiara and they didn't retcon her out of existance. I know Disney has a tendency to ignore the sequels of their films after they've stopped being relevant, so I'm glad they didn't do that here ^^ TLK2 is one of the best sequels, imo. Especially the outsiders ^^ I wish they'd make more merch of them.

Okaaaay, now I'm going off on another tangent XD I'll stop now.

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)