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..I don't know how I feel about this.. [Feb. 16th, 2017|09:20 pm]
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so anyway, last night (i.e. before all the shit went down w/ my computer - I'm on a borrowed laptop atm, btw) I watched some more Harvey Beaks, specifically the ep "Mr and Mrs Borks" and god it was adorable. So adorable. It hasn't aired over here yet (I think cause it's a half-hour ep and HB is only airing in an 11-min slot over here atm), figured I might as well watch it online since I'm almost caught up (the other ones they haven't aired here yet are "Repo Fee"/"Stalemates", and then "Technoscare" and the Christmas ep since they're seasonal eps and all. I have seen the Xmas ep, will prolly watch the others in a bit, maybe). ughhhhh it was soooo cute.

Moff was Miriam and Irving's witness, awww ;___; And he has a surname! Williamson! That surprised me. I guess I didn't think he didn't have a surname but also I just never really thought about it before? -shrug- haha, but when Irving was all "you can be my best man, Harvey!" I thought "that's adorable, but Moff had better show up and throw a tantrum about it-" and then him and the rest of the Dad Squad (well I guess only Doctor Roberts is a dad, but you know..) showed up and I was like YES. hahaha. Man, I thought I'd dislike Moff since I don't like steampunk but now he's one of my favourites, how does that work.

I love how Fee totally has no understanding of how aging works or anything like that. XD "You were born at different times??" hahahaha.

Dade playing the saxophone = YES he was just amazing in general in this ep, haha. WELL, HE ALWAYS IS he's my favourite. Him and Claire. :3 I love them.

Oh yeah, I liked how Irving was freaking out at the beginning (about the typo on the wedding certificate) and Harvey was just all "umm wtf is going on", I thought he'd freak out about it as well, but no. That was a nice change of pace. :B

THE STRIPPER JOKE, OH MY GOD I can't BELIEVE they got away with that. Definitely one of my favourite jokes in the show XD Moff's reaction, jesus. And the whole "PICK A CARD :D :D" "NO >(" hahahaha. And Moff pushing that guy overboard. hahaha.

pretty much all of the concert scene was great but especially Bartleburt and Miriam's convo about his wife XD

Miriam's vows. ;____; GOD

and Technobear at the end ("YOU TAKE CARE OF HER ;__;" "????"), and MICHELLE WITH THE KNIFE and god this ep was great

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[User Picture]From: privatemew
2017-02-16 09:32 pm (UTC)
oh yeah, and Moff's "this is probably the only bachelor party I'll ever get to go to, how depressing" (or w/e) line was great (altho.. didn't Irving have one the first time round? Well I guess he didn't *need* to have one, but you know). :D

ALSO THE "isn't every boy a registered wedding officiant? :D" LINE hahahaha. and how his name was misspelt on the card, haha. (Although AT has killed the phrase "wedding officiant" for me, I hear it and I just think "THIS WEDDING IS A FARCE! A CRIMINAL FARCE!!!1" XD)
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