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And I just know you're gonna wanna live here too - Something Mewing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And I just know you're gonna wanna live here too [Feb. 9th, 2017|11:56 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |(Here in Our Town Called) Reject Town - Harvey Beaks]

(I swear I'll shut up about this song after this. Well, probably.)

things I love about the "Reject Town" sequence:
- this technically isn't part of the song, but Dade standing over Harvey breathing deeply and waiting for him to wake up, hahaha.
- how musical-y it is!! I'm such a sucker for musicals, and songs in cartoons that are set up straight like a stage musical, and asdfghjkl;
- Dade being all touchy-feely with Harvey throughout the whole thing <3 SO MUCH HAND HOLDING aaaaa
- "yup! OwO"
- just. the way he dips him while singing "we're just a bunch of worthless kiiiiids!". aaaaaa
- Claire's verse is so sad but SO FREAKING CUTE UGH she's so cute. Also I love her steampunk design, it's adorable.
- "I sleep outside out on the ground on a bed of broken glass and nails~"
- Dade's dancing, lmao. Especially during Piri Piri's verse XD
- "I mean, cause I sure do like you.." <3333333 (I like Dade a lot, is it obvious.)
- Harvey's blank, "wtf is going on" look throughout the whole last verse

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)