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And I'd love to share them all with youuuu~ - Something Mewing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And I'd love to share them all with youuuu~ [Feb. 12th, 2017|08:08 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |(Here in Our Town Called) Reject Town - Harvey Beaks]

I got more of the Adventure Time surprise egg toy things yesterday :D from eBay. I bought two boxes again.. I forget when I got my others (it was a while ago.. I think I mentioned them in a journal entry but I cbf to check right now, meh) but anyway, I just need three now ^^ Both Jakes and BMO. I dunno when I'll get more, probably not any time soon, since they're a bit pricey. Not too bad, but you know. I don't have the spare cash for them atm, lol. I've had pretty good luck with them :) Although I do have four Fionnas, haha. It's hilarious, she was the one that I really wanted and I thought "oh, I bet she'll probably be hard to get.." and.. well I've bought four boxes so far (there's 6 eggs per box) so I've pretty much gotten one per box XD altho I didn't keep notes on which came from which box so I might have gotten two in one box or something. But you know what I mean.

(I also have four standing PBs, so I guess either her and Fionna are the most common, or I just have bad luck. XD Although I do like them, so maybe "bad" isn't the right word.. -shrug-)

Haah, I love tiny little egg toys. So fun and yet so frustrating, especially when they're not sold over here so I have to buy them online XDD But at least these aren't as frustrating as the Monster High eggs were. They were half toys and half useless bits of crap pendants and badges, and I was only interested in the toys, so it took longer to get all of those since there was less chance of getting a toy to BEGIN with. If that makes sense. It took me aaaages to complete that set because of that, even tho there were 10 eggs to a set with those... /ramble

Normally I'm not a set completer, but I am with little toys like these. I dunno why I like them so much XD they're usually at least a little wonky (although the AT ones are pretty nice quality for how tiny they are; I'll have to take photos of them sometime) but something about them is just so cute. I dunno. Something about them just appeals to the collector in me, I guess! :B

(Also posted on Dreamwidth over here.)